How Yoga Helps Seniors with Memory Impairment

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Improving Senior Memory With Yoga

Yoga may be more than just a great way to relax. Recent research on yoga, meditation, and memory improvement suggests that such relaxation techniques may prevent–or even reverse–memory loss for some seniors with dementia-related conditions when included as part of a comprehensive therapeutic program.

Reducing Stress and Confusion

Yoga has multiple benefits when it comes to senior health. The relaxed nature of the movements associated with the practice can reduce stress that’s sometimes associated with confusion. Both hourly and live-in caregivers in Toronto can help seniors apply yoga and meditation techniques to:

• Deal with stressful situations that tend to come up through the day
• Take a break from a moment of frustration and confusion
• Perform some daily tasks with greater ease (since some yoga moves can strengthen muscles around joints)

Providing Another Focus for Seniors

Seniors who have some type of memory issues often experience underlying depression that may increase the severity of the impairment or, according to a Rush University study, boost the risk of cognitive decline. By making yoga classes a regular activity, dementia caregivers in Toronto can give seniors something else to focus on rather than their health issues and personal concerns. Yoga can also be a group activity, which gives seniors an opportunity to meet people and develop new friendships.

Participating on Different Levels

One study on yoga and seniors with memory issues found that even when individuals were limited with how much they could participate, they still found some way to be a part of the activity. Some seniors would pat their legs or follow movements with their eyes, suggesting that involvement on any level may have a positive impact on participants.

In addition to helping seniors with some of their dementia-related symptoms, yoga is a great way for caregivers to spend time relaxing while participating in classes with their loved ones. On a related note, caregivers may find that they’re better able to reduce caregiver stress by taking up yoga for their own benefit.

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