Who is 24 Hour Care Right For?

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When we talk to families, one of the most popular questions asked is “who is 24 hour care right for?” Contrary to popular belief, live-in or 24 hour care in Toronto is not just for seniors who have been diagnosed with an advanced condition such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia; around the clock care and monitoring can be of great help to seniors of all ages and abilities. To help provide a better picture of how our caregivers can help you or an aging loved one, here are a few examples of how our clients use our live-in care services.

  • Help around the home. Seniors that may be in need of assistance with activities of daily living such as cooking, light housekeeping, bathing and transportation can greatly benefit from this type of care. With age, physical impairments, frailty and immobility can make it difficult and sometimes dangerous for these individuals to continue to live within the comfort of home. However, with the support of a live-in caregiver, seniors can safely continue with their regular routines without sacrificing their independence. If you are concerned about the health and wellness of an aging loved one, a few signs indicating that help may be needed can include but are not limited to failure to maintain cleanliness of the home, poor hygiene and neglecting routine chores like paying bills or getting the mail.
  • Increased safety. Safety issues are often some of the biggest concerns that lead family members to seek assistance. Forgetting to take medications or not being able to recall when they were taken, and recent falls or trips are events that may indicate additional help at home is needed. With the help of a 24 hour caregiver, seniors receive assistance with their morning and evening routines and are provided with safe transportation to run errands and attend personal events. Families are also able to gain peace of mind knowing a professional is always by their loved one’s side to maximize comfort and ensure safety and security. For more information about the caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Toronto, click here.
  • Companionship needs. Companionship is one of the most overlooked senior needs, as focus often revolves around the physical challenges that accompany needs. However, a large number of seniors experience isolation, as they lose the ability to drive and are unable to leave the house as often as they would like. Unfortunately, isolation often comes hand in hand with feelings such as loneliness and depression and can even leave seniors feeling helpless. Having a live in-caregiver provide companionship a few days a week can help minimize negative feelings, promoting social interaction and cognitive functioning thus enhancing overall quality of life. Live-in care is not just a service – it is the beginning of a long-term, meaningful relationship.

In-home care provided on a 24 hour basis is also a great alternative to assisted living that promotes independence and dignity! For more information about home care services in Toronto, please visit www.torontohomecareassistance.ca or contact a Case Manager directly at 416-488-8777.

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