5 Great Ways to Start the Day

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With age, a variety of challenges can make it difficult for seniors and older adults to start the day and get moving. While it may be tempting to stay in bed or lounge around the home all day, it isn’t the healthiest choice. Toronto Home Care Assistance offers 5 ways adult children can help their aging parents get a jump start on their day, working towards optimal total health!

  1. Let the Light Brighten the Day
    Seniors should have shades and curtains made of light materials that don’t block the light.The natural sunlight that comes in during the morning allows the body to wake gradually, and it can cut down on feelings of grogginess. The sunlight also helps the body produce vitamin D, making the “natural light method” of waking up great for senior health!
  2. Go for the Protein
    A breakfast high in protein helps create dopamine which can help seniors wake up and feel energized for the day. Processed carbohydrates including breads and cereals should be limited as these foods are known to lead to sugar spikes, which can result in feelings of exhaustion later in the day. Does your aging loved one need help preparing meals or monitoring their food intake? Learn how a professional Toronto caregiver can help them maintain their health and wellness, all from the comfort of home.
  3. Get Some Exercise
    Exercise isn’t just for maintaining a slim waist line, it’s also valuable for maintaining bone health, muscle strength, balance and more. Encourage your aging loved one to work out every morning and keep in mind that a trip to the gym isn’t required. A brisk walk around the block can get the blood moving, increase the heart rate and help your aging loved one start the day off right.
  4. Serve up Some Water
    Seniors should start the morning by drinking a glass of water each morning to start replacing the fluids that are naturally lost at night. Dehydration makes you tired and sleepy, but getting a start on the recommended eight glasses of water per day will help battle feelings of exhaustion before it’s too late.
  5. Maintain a Regular Schedule
    It’s easier to get up if you’re rising at the same time every day. Help your parent or loved one create a schedule that works for them. Rising at the same time every day will help avoid upsetting the schedule and can help create a balanced schedule for your senior loved one. For seniors who are starting to struggle with activities of daily living, a home caregiver may be the ideal solution. Click here for information about part-time hourly caregivers who can assist a few hours a day with morning and evening routines.

For more information about senior health and wellness, contact a Care Manager at 416-488-8777. We also offer complimentary, no obligation consultations if you think your aging loved one could use a bit of extra assistance or companionship at home!

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