Reviewing the Top Gadgets for Senior Safety

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The process of aging can put our seniors in a precarious position. Balance deficits, impaired vision, hearing loss, and diminished cognitive ability pose significant health risks. Below are three devices to keep your loved one safe and sound at home, presented by Toronto Home Care Assistance.

  1. Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar – This is a floor-to-ceiling tension rod with curved grab bars. The grab bar section can be placed at 4 different heights along the standing rod. By using a hand-over-hand technique, a person can pull up from a seated position. The bars also provide stability while standing. The bars pivot and lock into place in 45-degree increments. This device is easily mounted in 15 minutes with the use of a wrench. It fits ceiling heights from 7-10 feet. The floor and ceiling are protected by rubber pads. A convenient feature is its portability. It can be easily dismantled and re-installed anywhere in the house. It can be positioned next to a bed, chair, or toilet. The device is available in black and white. The retail price is $229.Contact Information: Phone: 800-520-3259.
  2. Medical Guardian Medical Alert System – A highly-rated Canadian service provider, Medical Guardian has been in business for 30 years. The Classic Guardian system works with a waterproof neck pendant and bracelet transmitter which can be pushed in the event of an emergency, contact the appropriate emergency response services. The base unit plugs into a phone jack and electrical outlet and can pick up the device’s signal over a 400-foot range. In the event of a power failure, the device has a 72-hour battery back-up and there is no activation fee or contract involved in subscribing to the service. While this can be a great support for seniors, those with more advanced conditions or ailments may benefit more from a part-time caregiver in Toronto who can provide one-to-one care and routine check-ups either once or a few times a week.Contact Information: Phone: 1-800-745-1200.
  1. MedReady 1700FL – Forgetting to take medication can put our loved ones in dire circumstances. Medication reminders prevent this from occurring. They can take the form of pill boxes with timers and alarms, or services that send reminders via phone, pager, or e-mail. The MedReady Automatic Medication Dispenser is a popular product and is a pill organizer and medication reminder. The device consists of a carousel that holds up to 4 doses a day for 7 days. A built-in timer rotates the carousel to the next dose at the programmed time. A loud alarm and red flashing light signal when to take medication. A key-lock prevents double-dosing. Each compartment can hold up to 9 M&M-sized pills. A template fits over the dispenser to guide the correct loading of compartments. Included with the unit are: A/C adapter, rechargeable battery, locking lid, medication tray, 2 keys, and loading dispenser. The unit has a 48-hour battery back-up in the event of a power failure. The MedReady 1700FL costs $159. Shipping to Canada is free.Contact Information: Phone: 310-328-7557.

Although aging presents many safety risks, technology is continually advancing to safeguard our seniors. The above gadgets can give seniors and caregivers greater peace of mind, especially when used in conjunction with check-ins from family members or hourly or live-in care services in Toronto.

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