Top Concerns Among Senior Citizens

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Concerns That Are Quite Common for Seniors in Toronto, CAN

As people enter their golden years, both their priorities and their needs undergo radical changes. Even in highly developed societies, many aging adults are still worried about their most basic needs. Following are several of the top issues that the elderly population must contend with.

Rising Costs of Living

Many seniors are finding that their retirement funds are not going as far as they expected them to. In addition to rising inflation and less overall value for the money that’s been socked away, seniors are also enjoying longer lives. Sadly, these additional years are often fraught with health concerns and the need for more comprehensive and more costly health care.

Additional Care

One of the greatest living expenses that seniors must concern themselves with is housing, especially as changes in cognitive functioning and mobility challenge their plans to live on their own. More aging adults are opting to age in place as long as they possibly can, but this also means finding affordable elder care in Toronto when they can no longer accomplish all their daily responsibilities on their own. Some seniors opt to downsize their homes in order to increase their savings or use primary residences as rental properties for extra income.

Social Engagement

The ability to maintain robust social lives is often challenged by the loss of driving privileges, chronic illness, and the declining health of close friends. Aging adults have to work hard to establish and maintain balanced social schedules. These efforts are essential for preserving their social skills and cognitive fitness and for avoiding isolation. Fortunately, many municipal bus services have special transportation for aging adults and there are also affordable options in transportation assistance provided by home care companies in Toronto.

Prescription Costs

As seniors are prescribed new medications and increasingly seek access to prescriptions that may not be fully or even partially covered by the their primary health plans, finding affordable ways to maintain their dosing schedules can be difficult. Some seniors have attempted to use web-based pharmacies to cut their prescription costs, while others have found the use of generic products to be a much cheaper and safer solution. Managing prescription costs along with rising co-payments and the frequent need for in-office treatment is a very common concern among the elderly.

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