Yoga Helps Improve Balance for Senior Stroke Survivors

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Senior stroke survivors often experience problems with balance and coordination that can increase the risk of falls and injuries. Muscular weakness, stiffness and tremors can all linger for some time after a stroke and interfere with a senior’s balance. Fortunately, therapeutic exercises can help to reduce these effects so that a senior can regain their confidence and mobility. If your aging loved one has suffered from a stroke, click here for information about professional stroke care in Toronto and continue reading to learn about the benefits of yoga, as well as a few helpful tips for seniors on how to get started.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has long been recognized as being effective for developing one’s core strength as a person holds poses. However, regular yoga practice can also offer senior stroke survivors additional benefits such as improved balance, flexibility and respiration. When practiced regularly, yoga can also promote relaxation and positive mental well-being.

Poses for Balance

Senior stroke survivors who are new to yoga will want to begin with the basic poses which all can help to improve balance. These include the downward dog, chair and mountain poses. Depending upon a senior’s physical health and abilities, they may also lie on the floor or a bed to do the bridge pose. When working through these poses, it is important for seniors to pay attention to their body’s response so that they can make the necessary adjustments for their comfort.

Safe Practices for Seniors

Anytime a person begins a new exercise routine, it is important to proceed cautiously. One advantage of yoga is that the poses can be modified to meet a person’s current physical abilities. For example, seniors can perform the downward dog by placing their hands on a chair instead of the floor. When practicing yoga, it is also important for seniors to work with an in-home caregiver or therapist who can help provide support as they work through the poses.

After a stroke, issues with balance can linger and cause senior adults to be concerned about falling as they move throughout their home. By learning how to do a few basic yoga poses, seniors can regain their strength and balance while also enjoying the additional benefits of increased respiration and relaxation! For more information about hourly or live-in stroke care, visit our website at or contact a Care Manager directly at 416-488-8777.

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