Talking to a Spouse about their Caregiving Responsibility

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When one spouse takes on a caregiving role for their aging parent, it can affect the entire family. Although providing home care in Toronto to a senior adult demonstrates compassion and devotion, it can take a toll on a caregiver’s health as well as their relationships. If you have concerns about how your spouse’s caregiving responsibilities are affecting their well-being, here is how to broach the subject in a way that reflects empathy yet addresses your concerns.

Acknowledge Their Devotion
When talking to your spouse about your concerns that they are overburdened, you want to make it clear that you are not being selfish. Tell them that you appreciate how devoted they are to caring for their parent, and let them know that it is important to also take time out for themselves. If you are met with resistance, do not push the subject. Instead, plan to revisit the conversation periodically when they are less stressed and receptive to hearing new ideas.

Focus on Their Health
A spouse who is dedicated to caring for their parent may deny that they are feeling overburdened. However, many people will admit that they have lapsed on their medical appointments or may not be eating a healthy diet. Talk to your spouse about the importance of staying physically strong so that they can continue to be there for their parent. Then, offer to schedule their doctor appointments or bring over a meal during times when they are with their parent.

Suggest Solutions for Support
New caregivers are frequently unaware of the many types of support that are available, or they may not know that it is normal to need assistance. As your spouse begins to accept the idea of having help, suggest solutions such as part-time respite care that can offer them a few hours away from their responsibilities so that they can recharge. Your spouse may also respond to joining a support group where they can meet other caregivers and learn how they manage their multiple responsibilities. By showing your spouse that you support what they are doing, you can encourage them to look out for themselves while still providing quality care to their loved one.

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