Encouraging Seniors to Volunteer this Holiday Season

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The holidays can be a source of sadness for many aging adults. Holidays bring back memories of times past and loved ones who are no longer around. However, there are many ways to combat the holiday blues – one of our favourites being to volunteer!

As a leading provider of Toronto in-home care, we love volunteering because it’s a great way for seniors and older adults to give back to their community. Helping others can instill feelings of worth and self-esteem and the socialization aspect of volunteering can help keep a senior’s spirits up. Plus, volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and is sure to put a smile on your aging loved one’s face. With so many benefits, why not encourage a loved one to volunteer? Here are some good places to look for volunteering opportunities in your hometown:

  1. The Library – Seniors can volunteer at the library almost anytime, as librarians are often in need of help dusting shelves, putting books back and keeping the library clean and presentable. This type of volunteer work also opens many avenues for learning. Seniors may spark a renewed interest in reading and there are many opportunities to socialize with other bookworms. Libraries are also a great source of information for other volunteer activities. Many libraries have bulletin boards full of opportunities for the willing volunteer.
  2. Animal Shelters – Animal lovers can look to their nearest animal shelter for an abundance of volunteer opportunities. At shelters, the animals are always in need of walks, baths and extra attention. In addition, many studies have shown the therapeutic power of pets for seniors. Seniors and older adults who are able to form a bond and care for an animal enjoy reduced blood pressure, enhanced mood and more independence.
  1. Daycares and Preschools – For the senior who is missing the sound of children’s laughter, there are plenty of opportunities to hear it again with daycares and preschools. Help your aging parent or loved one contact the schools in your area to see if he or she could come rock the babies, read the children a story or do a craft activity.

This is just a short list of possible volunteering opportunities, and there are likely many more in your local community! Encourage your loved one by helping them look for opportunities and driving them around to meet with local organizations. If you are unavailable, consider having a professional Toronto caregiver accompany them on their search for the perfect place to volunteer.

For more information about keeping seniors engaged and healthy this holiday season, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Toronto. We are available 24/7 to answer questions or have a conversation and we also offer complimentary, no-obligation consultations where you can learn more about our care services. Call 416-488-8777 today.


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