Post-Easter Assessment: Does Mom or Dad Need Help?

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Using Holidays to Check In on Aging Parents

Although Easter began as a religious holiday, like so many others, it’s become a day for those religious and otherwise to enjoy some quality time with family. If you recently visited your parents for Easter and feel that something was a little off in either their physical appearance or behaviour, it might be time to assess their short and long-term needs. Home Care Assistance of Toronto shares a few areas that concerned families should be examined with care.

  • Dramatic Weight Change – Although you don’t see dad or mom often, he or she seems to have lost a significant amount of weight since your last visit. This could be from simply forgetting to eat meals, or it may be because your loved one is having difficultly getting to the grocery store or physically preparing meals. The same could be true of a senior who has put on extra pounds; he or she may be resorting to un-healthy convenience or fast foods because physical limitations make fresh options inaccessible.
  • Decline in Mobility – Your elderly father may not have been the most active older adult, but he could still go up and down the stairs when he needed to. Standing and sitting didn’t always look like an exhaustive task. If you notice that your loved one’s balance or gait is unsteady, his or her safety at home may be threatened.
  • Uncharacteristic Behaviour – If your normally happy-go-lucky parent has become withdrawn and uninterested in family conversation, it might be a sign of depression or a change in cognition. You might notice that they avoid eye contact or answer questions with one or two word responses.
  • Forgetfulness – Everyone forget things from time to time, including telephone numbers or where they put their car keys. However, if your elderly parent forgets your name or confuses you with another person like a sibling or spouse, this could be a sign of a more serious problem such as early-stage dementia.
  • Unkempt Appearance – Mom always looked forward to putting on a new dress and her favourite shade of lipstick for family events, but this past Easter, it looks like she may not have even showered in the morning. Perhaps dad didn’t bother to shave. Even minor changes in a senior’s physical hygiene routine could indicate that he or she is unable to perform a basic task, or that an underlying factor is causing a decline in motivation

If you feel that your aging parent or loved one needs additional help at home, reach out to the experienced Care Managers at Home Care Assistance of Toronto. They can help answer any questions you may have and can explain available options for live-in and hourly care in Toronto. With the right support system, you can ensure that your parent is able to maintain his or her safety, independence and quality of life at home.

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