Do Peppers Prevent Parkinson’s?

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As a leading provider of senior home care in Toronto, we’re always looking for the latest news in the elder care industry and wanted to share a recent study conducted by the University of Washington in Seattle about Parkinson’s disease. While there are no known cures for Parkinson’s or ways to prevent the onset of the disease, the study reported that consuming peppers on a regular basis could help reduce the risk for developing Parkinson’s.

You heard it right, the regular consumption of bell peppers could be key in preventing Parkinson’s! The idea first hit scientists as studies consistently reported an inverse association between Parkinson’s and tobacco use. Individuals who smoked cigarettes on a regular basis proved to be less likely to develop Parkinson’s than those who didn’t smoke. Further testing on animals proved that nicotine might be a substance that actually helps protect neurons and thus brain functioning.

This concept then prompted scientists to look at other foods which also had small traces of tobacco in them. A variety of foods including tomatoes and potatoes were tested, however peppers proved to have the strongest association with lowering the risk for Parkinson’s. While additional studies are needed to confirm these findings, those in the industry hope that this could open up doors for how to successfully prevent the onset of the progressive disease.

No information has been published regarding the effects of consuming peppers once diagnosed with Parkinson’s, however the correlation between tobacco and nicotine will be further explored to see if a successful treatment can be created.

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