Cheryl Cartwright
Managing Partner &
Director of Client Care

Cheryl is the heartbeat of our organization leading both the client and employee sides of our company. Her compassion and commitment to all our people whether they are clients or caregivers is matched only by her experience and expertise. Cheryl and her team work to ensure that the client-caregiver match is strong and long lasting. Following her undergraduate studies Cheryl pursued a post graduate certificate in Gerontology from Ryerson University graduating top of her class. She also holds a Diploma in Crisis Communications. Our clients benefit from the combination of Cheryl’s expertise in the care field together with her professional background in high class hospitality, consulting and service leadership roles.


Kathryn Nester
Employee Care Manager

Kathryn leads and manages the human resources side of our company. She is a dedicated and resourceful point person for all our caregivers and works closely with them to ensure that they are happy in their work. Kathryn drives our culture of caregiving through her focus on recruiting and hiring the best. She embodies our Balanced Care Method DNA and our caregivers know who to turn to for all their training, development and career needs. Kathryn’s dedication to our team is exemplified by the number of long term employees we have and continue to retain.


Steve Darley
President & Partner

Steve is the administrator working to ensure that management team and caregivers have the resources and support necessary to do great work. Steve works closely with the management team and external stakeholders to deliver a best-in-class experience for all involved with Home Care Assistance whether employees, clients, families or partners.


Johana Jimenez
RPN / Client Care Coordinator

Johana is a Registered Practical Nurse working closely with our clients and caregivers managing the day to day details of care. Johana spends her days in the community meeting with clients and families in their homes to ensure our quality standards are being met, as well as observing and assisting our caregivers in their on the job training and development. Johana is committed to her career development and is continuing her education in nursing, currently studying and working towards her RN designation.


Taylor Cleland
Case Coordinator

Taylor has a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Mental Health from Carleton University combined with practical hands-on experience in a neurological rehabilitation facility working with people with a wide range of neurological conditions. Taylor is an engaging leader who is passionate about helping others, delivering the highest quality care and best-in-class service that our company is known for. Close