About Our Staff

A picture of Cheryl.

Cheryl Cartwright
General Manager

Following her undergraduate studies Cheryl pursued a post grad in Gerontology from Ryerson University and a diploma in Communications from Seneca college. Leading the Canadian Client Success team, Cheryl brings twenty years of management and leadership practice across the healthcare and hospitality industries. Her compassion and commitment to all our people whether they are clients or members of our care team is matched only by her experience and expertise.

A picture of Kathryn.

Kathryn Nester
Caregiver Ambassador

Since joining TheKey in 2017, Kathryn has been a dedicated and resourceful point person for our caregivers. As Ontario's Caregiver Ambassador, she drives our company culture and works closely with our caregiver team, to ensure they are happy in their work and set up for success. Kathryn embodies our Balanced Care Method DNA and our caregivers know who to turn to for ongoing training, development and career needs. Kathryn's dedication is exemplified by the number of long term employees we have and continue to retain as part of the care team.

A picture of Tyler.

Tyler Ferguson
Care Solutions Manager

Tyler is very passionate about helping her team of caregivers achieve work life balance. With over four years of experience with staffing and providing logistics support in the healthcare sector, Tyler strives to ensure that the best match between clients and caregivers are achieved. Her goal is to create an environment in which our clients form lasting relationships built on trust and our caregivers feel comfortable and appreciated so that the optimal quality of care is provided.

A picture of Taylor.

Taylor Cleland
Care Solutions Manager

Taylor joined The Key in 2020, after completing her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Mental Health and five years in leadership and customer service in hospitality industry. Following her degree, Taylor completed the U- First Dementia certification. Having focused her studies on age related and neurological conditions, Taylor wanted to use her education and hospitality background to support our senior community.

As a Client Solution Manager, Taylor is dedicated to helping you find “The Key” to your care needs. She works closely with our clients, their families and our Client Success team to ensure you the client, get the optimal care you deserve.

A picture of Allison.

Allison Brennan
Client Success Manager

Allison started her career with The Key in April 2022. Previously, she worked for a government funded agency providing support to vulnerable patients in their home. While doing that, she also ran the nursing clinic associated with that agency. Allison comes to us with 10+ years of experience working as a PSW in the government funded sector. She graduated at the top of her class and was hired on by firm she did her placement with. Allison stayed with that one company for 8 years, before moving on and eventually ending up at The Key.

Allison has tremendous passion for her work and writes her care plans from the caregivers point of view. Allison writes the care plans based off of the information she would want if she were the one providing the care. Allison has finally found a company where she feels at home and is able to put all of her skills to use and to create a truly fantastic experience for all new clients at The Key.

"I always want to provide the level of care I would expect for my own loved one, and being in this role, it gives me the opportunity to not only create the care plans, design the care individually for each new client, but also brainstorm with my team to make sure the right caregiver is assigned for a successful new start and experience." The dynamism the Ontario team has and their drive to provide nothing but the best, is exactly why I'm proud to say I work for The Key."

A picture of Paulie.

Poulami Shah (Paulie)
Client Success Manager

Pauli has over eight years of experience in human resource management, student counseling and customer service, but her passion was always to help people in need (social work). Following her passion, she added a Diploma with Honors in Community Developmental Service Work and completed Certification on General Persuasive Approach, Demetia Ability and Communication Tips and Tools for people with dementia.

During the unprecedented times of COVID 19 pandemic, Pauli joined ‘The Key’ (formerly Home Care Assistance), the senior care experts who provide exceptional care and support to families and their aging loved ones. She took over the challenging role of ‘Caregiver’ as a front line worker and with her dedication and her compassionate care for seniors, she was awarded the Caregiver of the Year award for 2021. This further led her to join the office team as Client Success Manager in February 2022. Pauli is passionate about collaborating with the family of senior patients, devising their care plan and helping them gain access to different health providers as needed. She does not restrict herself from getting directly involved with her clients providing emotional support while enhancing the quality of life through industry leading Balanced Care Method.

A picture of Amrita.

Amrita Veena
Scheduling Specialist

Amrita began her career with TheKey in 2021, as a caregiver. With more than four years of experience as a clinical pharmacist, she had extensive knowledge on the importance of quality care within the elderly population. Her post graduate diploma in Healthcare Administration and Service Management, combined with her collective experience, has led her to the position of Staffing Manager with TheKey in May 2022.

Amrita's main focus, is matching the needs of your loved one, with the perfect caregiver and coordinating with the care team to provide an exceptional care experience.

A picture of Meera.

Meera Ladani

Meera Ladani has always been interested in working with the vulnerable population from an early age. Her passion led to her getting her Master of Pharmacology and gained three years of experience in research medicines. After moving to Canada, Meera pursued her education in Healthcare Administration and Service management. Her goal to work with the aging population led her to be a caregiver herself. She has experienced and gained first hand knowledge on what it takes to care for someone with grace and dignity. In 2022, Meera joined TheKey as Caregiver Recruiter. Meera has been focused on bringing in talents with high emotional intelligence and compassion to serve the seniors in our community. With the right caregiver support, our clients will have comfort in knowing their interests are the at forefront for TheKey.

A picture of June.

June Lapointe
On-call Manager

June was born and raised on the south shore of Montreal. In 1982, at 18, she moved to Kitchener, Ontario and obtained a B.A. in Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo.

June joined TheKey - Waterloo, in November of 2019 and has proven herself to be a valuable team member in her initial role of weekend On-call manager. Now a full time On-call Manager, June continues to help caregivers and clients after office hours.

"It is always a pleasure to get to meet the many caregivers over the phone and see the dedication and caring personalities they have towards their clients. I'm always appreciative of those who accept last-minute shifts when a new request comes in or another caregiver calls in sick."