Tips for Healthy Eating from Around the World

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Healthy Eating Tips from Around the World for Seniors in Toronto, CAN

The obesity rate in Canada continues to rise, and as a leading provider of home care in Toronto, we see firsthand how many senior adults struggle with weight maintenance. Fortunately, it is possible to eat healthier without sacrificing satisfaction by taking a cue from how other people eat around the globe.

Lengthen Meal Times

The French are well known for delectable pastries and tempting platters full of rich cheese. Yet, they manage to maintain a slender figure. This is due to their tendency to enjoy long, lingering meals and small portions. Since it takes almost 20 minutes for the brain to get the signal that you are full, this cultural practice can help you eat less.

Fill Up on Fiber

In Ethiopia, main dishes are often comprised of root vegetables, beans and lentils. These all are full of fiber that can help to stabilize your appetite. Ethiopians also rarely use dairy and animal products, which can help reduce the amount of fat you consume each day.

Focus on Produce

Greeks may enjoy rich appetizers at social gatherings, but their daily diet is much more moderate. The Mediterranean diet is well known for its heart-healthy benefits, and this is mostly due to the heavy emphasis Greeks place on filling their plates with fruits and vegetables. They even prefer to use plant-based fats in their cooking, such as olive oil, which is high in omega fatty acids.

Flavour with Spices

Indian cooking relies less upon and sugar and salt for flavour than other international cuisine. Instead, they use turmeric, saffron and other spices to provide a healthier dose of flavour. Herbs and spices also do more than just enhance the taste of food. For example, red pepper and turmeric can help lower cholesterol, and garlic can lower the risk of heart disease by reducing the amount of lipids in your blood.

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