Not So “Healthy” Habits

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Healthy Habits That Need to be Revised

As a leading provider of elderly care in Toronto, we know that simple daily habits such as brushing teeth can lead to greater health and longevity. By the time a person reaches their senior years, these routines have become such a normal part of daily life that they are often not given a second thought. However, recent research has shed some light on the possibility that some so-called good habits may not actually be as effective as previously believed.

Brushing Immediately After Meals
As children, many people were taught that brushing their teeth right after eating was the best way to avoid decay. Now, it is known that brushing too soon after eating can actually damage the enamel due to acid erosion. To avoid damage, simply wait 30 minutes after eating and brush with gentle, circular motions.

Taking a Daily Multivitamin
For years, people have been told that a multivitamin could help them boost their health and energy through the supplementation of essential vitamins and minerals. However, research has failed to prove any link to benefits except for those who are already deficient. Instead of a multivitamin, Toronto caregivers should encourage seniors to eat a variety of healthy foods that can serve as a natural source of nutrition.

Reading Before Bedtime
Finishing that novel may be an excellent motivator for getting to bed on time. However, that page-turner could be exactly what is keeping your loved one awake. Reading on an electronic device such as a laptop or tablet disrupts the body’s ability to create melatonin that is necessary for feeling sleepy due to the electric light emitted. If your loved one likes to read at bedtime, suggest a paperback and reading with natural or yellow light.

Choosing Fat-Free Salad Dressing
Eating a delicious salad is a great way to cut fat and calories while enjoying a variety of flavors. Yet, many older adults skip dressing altogether or choose one that is fat-free. While this may seem to be the smart choice, a small amount of fat is necessary to absorb the most important nutrients in vegetables. Use a healthy oil, such as olive or flax, as a dressing instead.

Washing the Face Morning and Night
As skin ages, daily hygiene routines may need to change. Washing too often can dry out the skin, especially if your loved one uses harsh cleansers. To avoid washing away healthy oils, simply rinse in the morning with water and apply a moisturizing sunscreen. Then, use soap in the evening to wash away dirt and grime. Follow that up with a night moisturizer for glowing skin in the morning.

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