4 Major Diabetes Risk Factors for Aging Adults

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4 Risk Factors That Lead to Diabetes Among Seniors in Toronto, CAN

As with other diseases, the elderly are at high risk for developing diabetes. With an increase of age comes an increase in body changes that make the elderly more susceptible to developing this condition. The Toronto live-in care experts at Home Care Assistance discuss a few of the major diabetes risk factors for people over 65.

1. Excess Weight

Seniors who are overweight are at greater risk of developing diabetes, especially type 2. At any age, weight is a major risk factor, but obesity adds an increased risk for those over age 65. The elderly tend to be less mobile, which makes obesity more likely, along with diabetes and other endocrine disorders.

2. Metabolic Changes

As seniors age, their metabolism changes, which can affect the pancreas and increase the risk for diabetes. Some develop glucose tolerance, meaning the body doesn’t break down glucose as it should, or insulin resistance, when the pancreas loses its function of breaking down glucose within the body, leading to diabetes.

3. High Blood Pressure

Studies have shown there is a correlation between high blood pressure and diabetes. The elderly are at an increased risk for high blood pressure because of the higher risk of cardiovascular conditions. High blood pressure can affect the endocrine system, leaving seniors more susceptible to developing diabetes.

4. Sedentary Lifestyle

Lifestyles tend to slow down with age, which means less exercise, dieting, and concern over everyday activities that keep a person moving. Because the elderly tend to be less mobile, this can leave them at a greater risk for developing diabetes. In the senior years, the body’s normal functions often slow down. With less attention paid to exercising and a proper diet, the body is more susceptible to irregular functions.

If your senior loved one is living with diabetes, make sure he or she has plenty of support to effectively manage the condition. At Home Care Assistance, our caregivers can assist with exercise, cook healthy meals, and help with many other important everyday tasks. For more information on the elder care Toronto, ON, seniors and their families rely on, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at (416) 488-8777 to request a no-obligation consultation.

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