Cocoa Rejuvenates Memory in Old Age

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Life is sweet with chocolate, of course, but it gets even sweeter when you learn about its benefits. While the process of aging varies somewhat depending upon our habits, lifestyle, genes, environment and attitude, changes do occur that cause us to slow down. We seek ways to prolong vitality, energy, health and youthfulness. A very important element of this is memory. At Toronto Home Care Assistance, we strongly believe that a healthy mind is essential to a healthy body.  And keeping those memory cells sharp means we remain engaged with not just the world, but also with our own well-being.

Cocoa – A Delicious Way to Combat Memory Loss

Research in the last few decades has already indicated wide-ranging benefits of cacao beans to health, particularly in the form of dark chocolate or cocoa. The concentration of powerful antioxidants in cocoa and its phenolic compounds harness the body’s ability to fight diseases, lower blood pressure, fight the risk of cardiovascular problems, and feed the brain. These compounds show increasing evidence of being effective in staving off cognitive decline and improving memory, and even reversing memory decline.

The Secret Power of Cocoa

So how does cocoa really help declining memory? As we age, the brain functions begin to slow down and need more energy to perform efficiently. The flavanols contained in cocoa beans increase blood flow to the brain to provide this energy. Studies are still being conducted, but results are promising. It appears that the most beneficial types of chocolate are those that have a high content of flavanols.

How to Incorporate Cocoa into a Senior Diet

Of course, as with all things, moderation is important.  However, drinking a cup or two a day of natural cocoa, biting into a bar of dark chocolate or indulging in a dessert made with unsweetened baking chocolate could keep the brain clock ticking well into old age, keeping you and your aging loved ones connected and happy.

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