Understanding ADHD During the Golden Years

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Understanding How ADHD Affects Seniors in Toronto, CAN

Forgetfulness, distractedness, and tuning out of conversations are all symptoms that may cause a senior to visit a doctor expecting to hear that they are due to aging. However, many senior adults are surprised to discover that they have been living with undiagnosed ADHD all their lives. If your elderly family member has been exhibiting these symptoms, consider the following information, presented by Toronto Home Care Assistance.

Common ADHD Symptoms in Elderly Adults

The hyperactive child is what comes to most people’s minds when they think about ADHD. However, many older adults also struggle with staying focused on a task or procrastination. Seniors with ADHD may be chronically late to important events, forget information and get distracted easily by noise and other interruptions. Sometimes, adults with ADHD experience difficulty controlling their emotions, and they may recover from an angry outburst just as quickly as it began.

Seeking an Accurate Diagnosis

A person should always visit a physician to talk about his or her symptoms when they begin to interfere with quality of life. However, it is important to note that many ADHD symptoms are similar to those caused by other health conditions. For example, a person who is experiencing forgetfulness may actually have age-related memory loss. For this reason, doctors often test for other disorders and evaluate a senior’s medical history before making a diagnosis.

Treatments and Management Strategies

Senior adults with ADHD may be prescribed medications to help manage their symptoms. Cognitive behavioral therapy may also be used to help senior adults learn how to overcome their symptoms by changing their behavior. Lifestyle management strategies can also be used to help a person fulfill their responsibilities. For example, a senior who is easily distracted may choose to turn off noisy appliances before they hold an important conversation.

If your aging relative could use help managing day-to-day activities, don’t hesitate to reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our experienced and compassionate caregivers provide medication reminders and safety monitoring, help with basic household tasks like cooking and cleaning, and offer companionship and emotional support. For more information on our care services, including part-time and live-in care for seniors in Toronto, give us a call at (416) 488-8777 and speak with a knowledgeable Care Manager today.

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